Digital marketing has paved the way to new ways to get a client’s attention. Today many sources are being used to target and influence potential clients or buyers. There are many ways to successfully market your products and services.  Learn the online marketing strategies in Digital marketing courses .

See the most of the highly used and common strategies in a company are.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

This is the most highly and efficient digital marketing techniques used by advertisers to get their brand name sudden recognition. Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube highly use these techniques. The publisher usually gets paid by the advertiser to show the ad on his/her website or web page. The search engine generates this AD when a keyword or sets of keyword typed in by the user matches with the keywords list of the advertiser. Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter, and Yahoo! Search Marketing is the three world’s biggest PPC providers. The success of online AD advertising depends tremendously on the click-through rate (CTR) which is the ratio of a number of links clicked by the user on a page to the total number of users who view that page.

Mobile Marketing

The advertisers use Mobile Marketing to target a particular audience which usually comprises of people who constantly uses mobile devices, tablets, and any other portable devices. They use services like Emails, SMS, MMS, Apps, etc to influence people. Mobile Marketing is generally based on companies advertising their ad/products by sending an SMS or in-game advertising like playing an ad of its game within a game downloaded by the user. App-based advertising and In-game advertising is expensive when compared to others but if used strategically it can benefit the company hugely. Mobile Marketing can be used in favor of the company if its products and services are mainly targeted at young audiences.

Social Media Marketing

This is similar to Mobile Marketing but instead of SMS, Apps etc, it uses Social Media platforms and websites to target people. Many companies and now NGOs and government organizations are also using this platform. Companies target a range of audiences like the general public, bloggers, journalists, and much more. There are two approaches to social media marketing, passive approach and strategic approach.

  • Passive approach mainly deals with companies websites increasing consumer interaction through their product reviews and comments and problems on public forums to thereby gaining mutual trust and larger audiences. This approach is really helpful in the long run and inexpensive for the brand to maintain its integrity.
  • Active approach realizes the importance of influencers and social media celebrities to influence and target specific audiences.

Content Marketing

This type of marketing is what makes the basis of all the other marketing. PPC, Social Media marketing, Mobile marketing won’t be successful if it wasn’t for the right content being delivered to the specified audience. Content marketing won’t ever get old and will stay relevant till the importance of valuable and relevant content prevails. This type of marketing increases the company’s sales and is still cost-effective. Viewers are most attracted by genuine and intelligent content than any type of advertising; therefore companies find this advertising the most effective and useful.

Any company or brand should try one type of marketing at a time and develop its base audience from there. It should then see how its audiences react to different schemes and ads and invest in that type of marketing more to benefit its brand and increase its sales.

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