If you are a digital marketer then you must have read or heard about meta tags so many times. Well we all know Meta tags are one the most important factor to consider for your Search Engine ranking. But here is the thing most of them out there do not know how to write a meta tag and what search engine looks for in a meta tag.

So here is a simple guide to understand more about Meta tags and how to write a Meta tag.

Well if u are a beginner the first thing that pops up in your mind is, What is this Meta tag?

A meta tag is a snippet that appears on Search Engine Result Page(SERP) like this,
Example 1:-

Example 2:-

Example 3:-

There are Mainly 3 types of meta tags –

Meta Title Tag – Title tag is basically the title of a page which is displayed on the SERP. Usually Google displays upto 60 – 70 initial characters including spaces or to be precise as many characters that can fit in 600 pixels (According to 2018 update)

Meta Description Tag – Description tag is structured content which describes about the page on the SERP. Description tag has a character limit of 140 – 160 Characters including spaces

Meta Keywords Tag – Meta keyword tag is a set of keywords that are relevant for a page.

Meta keywords are no more considered for Google Search Engines but other search engines like Yahoo, MSN etc., still consider your Meta Keywords. So do not miss out on adding meta Keywords. Meta Keywords have a character limit of 200 characters, whereas few WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO allow you to add up to 5 or more key phrases with no character restrictions.

How to Construct a Meta Tag?

One cannot simply start constructing a meta tag and expect the page to rank on search engines unless there is no competition. Before writing a meta tag there are few steps that are recommended.

Step 1 – Keyword research for the particular page, Pick the keywords which has the highest volume search and lesser competition in terms of SEO ranking.

Step 2 – Write the Title, Description tags in a marketing style by using the best keywords which can grab the attention of the reader.

Title and description should look natural and should have better relevance towards the user intent.

Note – Do not stuff the keywords into Title and description thinking you could drive more traffic, doing this may result whereas your website to be penalized by search engines.

Step 3 – Add the keywords which are relevant in the keyword tag. Do not add keywords which are not relevant, do not repeat the keywords which are already been used on other pages of the same domain.

Note – Apart from these 3 tags there are few more tags which are relevant, we will be discussing those later.

Tools which can be used to construct Meta Tags :

1 – tools.seobook.com/meta-medic/
2 – smallseotools.com/tag-generator/
3 – seomofo.com/snippet-optimizer.html

Once the Meta Tags and generated by using the tools, all you need to do is copy the codes and paste in the head part of the webpage.

It takes around 24 -48hrs or more for the search engine to crawl and update the meta tags in its SERP depending on the Niche.

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