Internal Links and External Links:
Link building is one of the most important factors to consider in SEO for better ranking on Search engines.

So what are links?

Links are the short form of the word Hyperlinks.

These links help the visitor to navigate through various web pages in a simpler way. If there were no links, it would have been a disaster for any visitor to navigate websites. Thanks to links we can browse without any trouble.

Depending on the way these links work they have been divided into 2 main categories, i.e, Internal Links and External Links.

What are Internal Links and how is it useful ?

Internal links are the hyperlinks which helps the users to navigate through one webpage to another webpage of the same domain.

Example : Links in the Menu of a website.

internal links

Considering a website, here in this website there are different links to different pages. when the user clicks on any of these links it will redirect the user to a webpage which is of the same domain(same website).

Benefits of Internal links –

1 – Helps the user to navigate within the website
2 – Helps in reducing the bounce rate( user leaving the website without any action )
3 – Internal Links distribute the link juice to the connecting pages, which in return helps in ranking of the connected pages.
4 – Helps Search engine crawlers to crawl and index the web pages in a simpler way
5 – With internal Links the Session duration can be increased
6 – Connect to the deepest of the deepest page and get views and visits to that web page

What are External Links ? How is it useful?

External Links are hyperlinks which connects the user for one domain to another domain. When the user clicks on a external link it takes the user out of the website to other website.

Example : Social media links on a website.(considering )

External Links

When user clicks on a social media button like Facebook icon on a website, it takes the user to Facebook page.

This link is now an external link for digitaltala website but acts as a back link for facebook website.

So how is an external link useful?

External links are like a reference or recommendation made by a website.

Search engines give more priority to these links because it acts as a recommendation for the user. It’s always suggested to get as many external links possible which are pointing to your website. The more backlinks you have the better it is for your ranking on search engines.

But there are few things to consider while using Internal Links and External Links:
1 – The relevance of the Topic and content
2 – The Page rank of the connecting website
3 – Quality of the connecting website
4 – Trustworthiness of the connecting website
5 – Type of external link ( Anchor text, header link, footer link etc..) Different types of links have varying impact on the link juice.
6 – Popularity of the connecting website.

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