The History of Facebook is rooted back in 2003 when Mark Zuckerberg launched Facemash which was used to compare the pictures of two students laid side-by-side and one was supposed to choose who’s “hot” and who’s not “hot”. Mark Zuckerberg wrote the software in his second year of his study while in college. The website attracted twenty-two thousand photo views and 450 visitors in its first time to be online for four hours. The site was later shut down by Harvard University administration and Mark Zuckerberg was expelled from the University for violating copyright, violating individuals privacy, breaching security. However, the charges against Zuckerberg were later dropped and he continued with his initial project by coming up with a social study tool towards their final art history exam

In 2010 October, Rahul Jain, a banker and an entrepreneur auctioned the site for $30,201 to an unknown buyer.

history of facebook

Facebook is a social media platform. It is one of the most prolific websites providing social networking services in the world. Mark Zuckerberg was the founder of Facebook with his college roommate Eduardo Saverin while they were students at Harvard University. Mark Zuckerberg was only 19 years old when he launched Facebook on February 4, 2004. It was first launched as Facebook membership was first limited to only Harvard University students. Mark Zuckerberg later expanded its membership to other colleges around Boston, Ivy League and gradually to other universities in Canada and the United States of America. Sean Parker became the president of Facebook in 2004. He was the informal adviser of Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook then relocated its’ place of operation to Palo Alto, California. In 2005 the domain name was purchased for $200,000. Other companies were later awarded facebook membership including Microsoft and Apple Inc. In 2006 anyone with or above the age of 13 was awarded a chance to join Facebook as long as he/she is a holder of a valid email address.

Facebook had one hundred thousand business pages which gave companies the opportunity to advertise themselves to potential customers and describe about the services they offer. A new idea named company pages was then planned.

Facebook started to invite its’ users to be beta testers in 2010 after passing a question-and-answer-based criteria. Also they were given an opportunity to be hire by facebook after solving some facebook computational problem.

Facebook became the biggest host of online photos in 2011. By October 2011, 33% of all Facebook traffic was accounted by its’ three hundred and fifty million users who accessed facebook using their mobile phones.

History of Facebook logo evolution

Yahoo then filed a petition against Facebook on 12 March 2013 claiming that Facebook had infringed on its ten patents covering privacy control, advertising twenty-two and social networking. In April 2014 Facebook Application center was rolled out. It had 500 apps. A new feature was also announced called FB breaching April 24, 2014, by Storyful and Facebook.

History of Facebook achievements have been demonstrated in many ways from the day it was launched as TheFacebook limiting its’ access to only Harvard University students until now when it is available to billions of people in the world. In 2017 Facebook had registered 2.07 active monthly users.

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