We are now in the late stages of Q3 and like many successful companies, you should make a habit of planning for the next year. If you have already planned your digital market strategies, consider questioning your tactics and what would be more beneficial for your customers and most importantly, which tactics will be the most convenient. To plan for your 2018 digital marketing strategies go through the following trends and updates explained below and incorporate them into your planning process. From authentication of data, visuals, personalization of your brand, and mastering the best platforms you will definitely get more customer connections and engagement.

Digital Marketing Trends

Mastering the Micro moments in the digital marketing platform
Mobile gadgets like phones have significantly influenced the global digital platform as a whole. This might seem obvious to some extent, but, surprisingly, the utilized concepts in micro-moments in digital marketing are low. From long-term projects like purchasing a house to micro-moments like shopping for groceries or looking for ingredients, most people now rely on their smartphones. These �Micro moments’ have become a key touchpoint in digital marketing.
Anticipating these micro-moments can be highly resourceful for any brand trying to engage customers through digital marketing. A quick basic utility access to information, in the long run, builds customer trust.



Since the incorporation of visualization in digital marketing, the Importance of using visualization has continuously grown. From kittens playing, baby laughing to top featuring models, all these videos engage the customer on a personal level. More people are spending time on their computer gadgets looking at these interactive videos which in the long run provoke them to like or share the video. Clearly, visuals play an important role in the digital marketing world and other linked emerging trends are likely to come along in the future.

Understandable Ad visibility 


Ads are interactive and informative, nonetheless, they can be disruptive and sometimes a nuisance. A larger part of audiences finds ads irrelevant and frustrating. For instance, browsing the internet then an out of proportion ad pops up for the hundredth time. Native ads have become the alternative to this frustrating internet experience. Exposure to the right audience has become the most sought-after element in digital marketing.
Native ads seamlessly integrate with the displayed page, so much so that the customer might not notice unless they are fully interested. Rather than displaying it to the customer as a tool to lure in more customers, the point is to put the appropriate information for the customers when they need it. According to Polar and BI intelligence, native ads are more engaging on tablets and smartphones than desktop sites.

Smart content 


The most sought marketing plan is a personalized experience for customers. This raises the question whether your customers’ needs have been fully catered. It is almost impossible to reach out to a wide market, therefore, using dynamically rich content is important. The best way to handle this is to create a dynamic website with a smart marketing automation plan. This might look like an intelligent guess, but, the chances of success rate are higher than those of traditional static content.


The idea itself is straightforward when your brand associates with people it’s personal, so personalization makes sense. It’s the best way to reach out to prospects and deliver your desired conversions.
With digital marketing on the rise to global acknowledgment and integration, the need for different brands and businesses to interact with their prospects is inevitable. Therefore, planning for your digital marketing sector for 2018 with these trends and updates will give you the competitive edge every brand needs.

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